Thursday, January 8, 2009

Judi Presnell Recommends These Reads

Peace Like A River, a novel by Leif Enger, is a National Bestseller that takes you on a journey spawned by tragedy but leads you on an adventurous path of intrique, healing, and love.

Peace Like a River is told through the eyes of an 11-yr-old family member, but the story would touch the soul of any age reader. One message points to the blessings of family, faith, and friends when the enemy is in hot pursuit, a message that can be internalized and help the reader in the future when life may seem unsurmountable. I recommend this book for adults/young adults, but teens would enjoy the story as well.

I have yet to see how this intriguing story ends, but I'm looking forward to knowing the "whole" story while feeling sad that the story will soon come to a close. Books like this are a treasure!

Traveling Mercies, a National Bestseller, by Anne Lamott, who was born of mixed-race parents, tells her story of family life, confusion, God, and yes, even her dreadlocks. Laughter and tears will catch you unexpectedly. Though you may not have walked in her shoes, you will empathize with how she feels in her quest to make sense of her faith and life in general. A few spicey 4- or 5-letter words are included but are relevant to her story. Her exuberance, tenderness, and cantankerousness will captivate you. This book will get you to think while you soak in her actions and predicaments! This is a wonderful book if you are trying to "sort out" life a bit yourself!

--Judi Presnell

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Mary Cunningham said...

A beautiful list of books, Judi. Your descriptions make me want to read all three of them!