Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tops on Mitch's Lit List...

(the first & last in the series pictured here)

#1) The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. A seven book epic story written over the course of more than two decades. When I finish a book, either one I've read, or one I've written, I experience a sense of nostalgic loss, wishing the story of characters I loved could go on forever. This series is the closest experience toward that wish fulfillment I have ever encountered. How can I convey my feelings most adequately? If I was on my deathbed and could only reread one book (I'm being greedy and stalling for time; it is a seven book adventure) I would wish to have my previous memory of The Dark Tower Series erased so that I might reread this epic story with the freshness of first time experience once more.

Mitch Lits

Number Two on Mitch's Lit List...

(first in the series pictured here)

#2) A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin. A multibook dark fantasy epic, with several books still unwritten, creating an even deeper more multileveled fantasy world than Tolkien. In my own fantasy trilogy, Destiny's Circle, even though it is a young adult novel, it more closely emulates Martin's violent, merciless intensity than any other fantasy writer.
Mitch Lits